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"One time use" drill fixture.
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This is used to drill then tap the dowel pin holes on the aluminum blocks.  
Ford used a screw in that used a M6 dowel.  It has been found to be a problem and breaks.

I now have the upgraded dowel pins.  

You can buy the dill fixture with pins or just buy a set of pins.

Here is a link to a good thread about this fixture - CLICK HERE

Also here is a link to a tech article from
Mustangs and Fast Fords - CLICK HERE
(Yes that is one I sold AED)

The fixture includes the plate, 2 drill bushings
(one for drill and one for the tap),
bushing hold down hardware, drill, and tap.

These are $150 shipped.
(contiguous 48 states)
Add pins for $50 more.
Or just the pins for $55 shipped.
(contiguous 48 states)
One Time Use Fixture $100 shipped. (contiguous 48 states)
Add pins for $50 more.

Hard case included.

Here you see the difference between the
stock M6 and the upgraded M8.

E-mail me with questions.