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Cobra Engineering is proud to release this new option for a cooling mod.

These are made to fit in a 38mm freeze plug hole.  The size of the freeze plugs in the back of 4V heads.
They have -10AN straight O-ring  ports.  Also if you prefer you can get 1/2" NPT ports.  

You can run AN fittings or just nipple fittings with hose clamps.

Run the driver's head into the side port on the T-adapter that is installed in the passenger side plug.
Then the stock heater core hose fits on the nipple just like factory.

You can buy the pieces individual to make custom setups also.  
E-mail me for information

This will not fit in the driver's side with the EGR tube.  
You have to either delete the EGR or modify it.

You get Fore Innovations fittings
and hose for a complete kit.
$350 shipped
(contiguous 48 states)

NPT ports on the drivers side plug, and
the side port on the T-adapter.
Also this includes fittings, hose, and clamps.

$275 shipped
(contiguous 48 states)

E-mail me with questions.