Cobra Engineering LLC

EMP Stewart Components Pumps.

As many know I have worked at EMP
(Engineered Machined Products) for over 25 years.
But aparently many didn't know that because of this
I can get you the best pumps available for both the
Modular engine platform as well as your custom
Intercooler setup.

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Here is the best mechanical pump you can get
for your 4.6L or 5.4L Modular engine.  
I always recommend a mechanical pump
for anything except strictly drag racing.
This pump has a cast one piece impeller that greatly reduces the chance of failure.  
Also they have enlarged bearings of
higher quality than a regular one.

Before mid 2001 you want the long version.  
After 2001 use the short version.  
If you have a 2001 please double check
the length of pump.
03-04 Cobras are short.

Free shipping in the U.S.
Long or Short

Quoted from their website:
"This pump, developed specifically by EMP for the Ford GT project, is perfect as an Intercooler or Turbo cooling pump. It features a Computer Controlled, Brushless Motor and 1-inch inlet/ outlets."

Many claim "special" programing.  After discussion with the engineer, these come programed to a 25amp draw that is optimal for performance.  
Only increasing your voltage will increase flow effectively.

Free shipping in the U.S.

Pigtail incuded.

 If you have questions write me.